200 amp Portable TIG Welding Machine

A frequently asked question in the welding arena – What is the best welder for the beginners? Though it is difficult to answer just one sentence, in general, MIG welder is much easier to weld, but if you want to be the master on welding, then TIG will be the best option. If you're going to expand your experience in automotive, aviation, precision welds or metal art, then you can buy Hitbox ‘200 amp Portable TIG Welding Machine.’

Why will you buy TIG welding machine from Hitbox?

Hitbox is brought to you by Unitweld Welding and Motor Company which has a professional track record to manufacturing different welding machines and torch since long ago. Though they situated in China, they have CE certification to export their product in the Europe and USA market. “Customer First and Quality Life” is their main principle. They are also provides welding solutions and different products according to diverse welding conditions, such as high or low voltage, high or low temperature, heavy duty or DIY market and so on. They are willing to grow up and develop together with their customer. They are excellent in customer service which leads to us consider the TIG 200 A as beginner welding tools.

200 amp Portable TIG Welding Machine

Why will you choose TIG 200A of Hitbox?

The TIG 200A allows you both tungsten inert gas welding (TIG) and manual metal arc (MMA) welding 2-in-1 function. It is also adopting advanced IGBT inverter technology which provided superior welding experience. Though we recommended it for novice welder, it equally suitable for an expert fabricator who wants to use it for fix home or restaurant appliances or small industrial materials. Wide amperage range allows you to weld different metals without left any spatter, slag or sparks. The best part is that it will match your budget very well.

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There are more exciting features of this amazing products, to check out those, please read the article below

Features and benefits

2-in-1 function

The TIG 200A comes with a torch and an electrode holder which allows you to work both in TIG and MMA function. For welding any luxurious metallic device made of stainless steel or steel alloy or other precious metal you can use TIG torch for spatter-free clean welding. On the other hand, for an adverse condition like windy weather condition at outdoor work, joining or welding any pipes MMA is performing better.

Wide Amperage Range

TIG 200A can be operable at 10 to 200 Amp range. The more wide amperage range, the more various thickness of metals can you weld. As per standard, you can weld up to 5/16″ steel with 200 amp, .001 inch thickness vary per ampere of current variation.   

High-Frequency Inverter

Before inventing inverter technology, welding machines are bind between 60 Hz frequency. Time advanced, and inverter brings a significant improvement in welding special in TIG. Keep in tune with the era; Hitbox TIG 200A also improvised most advance high-frequency inverter which increases up to 100 KHz. It allows TIG 200A to develop advanced square wave, which decreases the time it takes to reverse the current and improve the stability. Moreover, it can generate 25% more heat during work than conventional welder machine.

Less Breakdown

Adoption of newly invent IGBT technology helps TIG 200A to reduce the breakdown to a great extent. IGBT technology performs better than the MOS FET (Metal-oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor). When threshold voltage dropped in MOS, the transistor cannot switch from full turn-off position to complete turn-on occurs breakdown of the transistor. 

Portable Size

TIG 200A is compact in size (15″ length, 5.5″ width, and 10″ height) and light-weight, (only 15.4 lbs.) which makes it easy to transport as per the requirement of welding. You can carry your welding machine wherever you need. Also, you can fit it according to the electricity source. The condensed transistor technology instead of a big transformer helps us to grip it in our hand palm.

Portable TIG Welder

What I like about 200A Portable Tig Welder

  • TIG Welding thickness 0.3-5.0 mm, and application of electrode diameter 2 - 3.2 mm
  • Easy arc ignition, litter spattering, stable current and proper shaping
  • HF TIG arc starting allows to strike the arc easily and make it easy to establish an arc under different situations
  • Compact and portable, highly efficient and save energy
  • It can control overheat over current, and protect under voltage
  • Energy saving compare to the traditional TIG machine is more efficient
  • Output current range 10 – 200 Amp and duty cycle 60%
  • Electronic parts made of high-quality Import diodes, polymer capacitors, full copper arc device, and the annular reactor
  • The base materials are – carbon stainless steel, low-alloy steel
  • The whole package included TIG torch, electrode holder, earth clamp and torch consumables; the torch consumable can support 2pcs collect body 1.6mm, 2pcs 2.4mm and 1pcs 1.6mm tungsten, back cap 1pcs and long-back cap 1pcs and short back cap 1pcs, 1pcs gas nozzle ceramic No4, and No5

What I wouldn't say I like about TIG 200A Portable Welding Machine

As TIG 200AMP support only DC source, thus it is not possible to weld aluminum with this device. As well as you could not weld ¼ inch metal with TIG, you have to use stick welding for it. Also, this device does not come with a pedal control which you need to collect separately from Amazon or other sellers.

If you think to use it as like heavy industrial welder than it might be worthy for you, as a beginner welding tool it performs nice.  

Final Thoughts about this fantastic device

Compact size, less weight, improvisation of most modern technologies like advanced IGBT inverter, HF start and using best quality electronic component to construct it made it is the best portable welding machine in the market. Additionally, Unitweld is always concern about their customer wellness grows confidence and trust in them. So, no matter you are a professional or novice welder you can try this fantastic portable 200 amp TIG Welding Machine.

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