2017 Everlast mig140 MIG Welder Review

Low on price but not in capacity is the perfect phrase for 2017 Everlast mig140 MIG welder. It comes from the economy line of inverter MIG welders of Everlast Company. With a 25% duty cycle, it can draw 140 amps of maximum output. It takes Wire Spools of 4" and 8". In comparison to a same capacity transformer welder it has a higher duty cycle, lower weight also it can function efficiently when it comes to the point of drawing less power and giving higher penetration.

Everlast mig140 MIG welder Features

A smaller footprint- With 17 x 8 x 14 inches dimension, It occupies a less space than same capacity other manufacturer’s welders.That does not mean it has less diameter wire size.The wire size for this welder is 8” good enough for a big job.

A handy start kit comes along- With the Everlast MIG Welder a lot of supporting staffs come like 1 clamp, Argon /CO2 Regulator, and a Consumable start kit, This kit includes Minimum and the Maximum electrode to work with thus you are spared from the guessing work.

Flux core- It can take flux-core wire and weld with it too. High powered weld is done basically with the electrode and carbon and argon’s support.

2017 Everlast mig140 MIG welder

Used for all type of metal- It can be used with Mild steel, Stainless steel Chrome-moly, Aluminum (if used with Optional Spool Gun). So when comes to the question of using a multi-factored diversity is confirmed.

Heavy-duty wire feeder- 2017 Everlast mig140 MIG Welder let the cast aluminum and steel construction to last as long as you live and more. It is only possible for the heavy duty wire feeder the welder has. It can comply with 4” (1-2lb) and 8” (10-12lb) rolls of wire. Also, it has an advantage of rapid tool free wire spool installation.

Portability- It is small and lightweight, however, the fact that the work clamp can be installed easily makes it more usable. The connector that comes along is 25 series DINSE styled. When you are to take it for a ride you can disconnect the gun from clam in 10 minutes.


  • It has a high-speed fan for the full time of operation, to maintain a steady temperature.
  • Easy and quick gun connection with Euro fitting
  • Has a convenient Drive Roll wire size of .023”-.035”
  • Easy control of both the wire speed and voltage.
  • A higher duty cycle of @ 35% Duty Cycle at 135 A


Slouchy accessories it comes with- The clamp it comes with is not up to the mark. It is made of stamped steel that fails to make good contact with the grounding surface. The spring is weak and the wire is far short than what it should be. The mask and slag hammer also need replacement if you need to have a perfect welding experience in long run.

Solution- If you can buy 5 feet of 2 gauge speaker wire to extend the existing one then you will get convenient welding experience. Also, you need another clamp like that of a 300 amp magnetic clamp this can replace the existing clamp.

Not informative enough for beginners- It does not come with settings chart, which is essential for amateurs. It needs an hour or two to find out about suitable wire size.

Solution- However, the online manual in the website gives detail information on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What is the maximum and minimum input size requirement of wire?
Ans- You can use the maximum of 3/16" single pass steel/stainless/aluminum and/or the maximum of 3/8" multiple pass steel/stainless/aluminum.

Q- Can I weld aluminum with it
Ans- It can be used to weld aluminum if used with a spool gun.


2017 Everlast mig140 MIG welder is a unit for the hobbyist or small job MIG Welder users. The power it can contain is more than any other welder of this price range. It is sturdy and strong which helps the balance big time. Mig torch it comes with is of A grade for the money. except for the ground cable, mask and clamp all other accessories are complementing to the gun.

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