2017 Everlast PowerMIG 200amp MIG Stick Welder review

To blow away the Hassel of traditional gas welding 2017 Everlast PowerMIG 200amp MIG stick welder uses fully automatic control through high efficient - Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor more popular as IGBT inverter. It allows for less spatter and powerful performance for both MIG and Stick mode of welding and capable of flux core process too. This 240 volts green MIG welder is moderately small and handy. So if you are in need of a welder that needs to be carried to places this one fits for that.

2017 Everlast PowerMIG 200amp MIG stick welder

Basic Features of PowerMIG 200amp MIG stick welder

Digital reading

Like many modern welders, this MIG Welder encompasses the option to show voltage and speed control digitally. The advantage is you get supremacy on the realization of when to turn it off or speed it up.

The advantage of high power of IGBT Inverter

Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor has much higher performance over other transistor devices. It gives you high voltage capacity, easy drive, faster-switching speeds. Also, it is a better option for low voltage welders because of zero gate drive current. It will let the user have low resistance while the switch is on.

Can weld Aluminium

Apart from both MIG, Stick option it also gives the option to weld aluminum with help of speedy spool gun. However, I suggest not to, because it will require argon gas and aluminum wire, totally different combination of consumables and additional spool gun may hike the cost more than the purpose served.


  • It includes air regulator, hoses, and required accessories.
  • Warranty clause is better than other manufacturers and easy to avail inside the USA.
  • Dual power system let you run it on 110 volts (household) power or 220 Volt.
  • Reasonable price in comparison to same feature other manufacturers.
  • Lightweight therefore portable.
  • Automatic and User-friendly.
  • Gives less spatter.


Analog knobs
Though the display is digital knobs are not, so when you are in the middle of welding process it can give you hard time to adjust the setting. Sometimes the numbers give you the feeling of coming out.

Solutions: Well you cannot change the knob, but choosing a safe and middle range setting can cut the stress of dialing the knob in between process repeatedly.

Wire-speed cannot be controlled marginally The control system will not allow you to increase the wire speed by an inch per minute.

Solution: It cannot be controlled quite marginally, still, reviews say it is tunable enough to get a well-welded job done. Simply watch for the range of tuning and work based on experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 What is the advantage of the Eurostyle connector?
Ans- Eurostyle connector let you buy cheaper spool gun and associate with it if you are reluctant to spend money on spool guns. Also, the connector allows for easy switch between MIG to Stick transition.

Q2 What kind of mechanism is required between switching from MIG to stick?
Ans- The answer is apparently none. The induction control feature is such, in one setting you can use both types of welding.

Q3 What does the dual power mean how can this be possible?
Ans- It means if your home has either a 110-Volt or 240 volts set up you can now work with it with a wire that is supplied with the package.

The pros of working with a MIG Welder are it is automatic and can be operated by a beginner. Also 2017 Everlast PowerMIG 200amp MIG stick welder, by incorporating that feature of IGBT inverter system become double powerful and user-friendly. Some users say PowerMIG 200amp is the best stick welder in the welding arena. The dual power system let you use it in different home settings, paving the way to convenience for semi-professionals to professionals who need to do an itinerant job.

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