AHP AlphaTIG 200x TIG Welder


We, whose connected with welding job, get the below images in mind when to think about a Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welder –

  • Clean welding bead, no smoke, no spark, no fumes and splatter-free
  • Join a wide variety of metals especially steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, nickel, titanium, magnesium, and other alloys
  • Excellent for subtle works welding art steel furniture, automotive works or making jewelry
  • Suitable for welding in different positions like vertical, horizontal or overhead
  • Costly, but value for money
  • Compact design, easy to move on jobs demand
  • A bit slower than a stick or MIG welding, but precise
  • Challenging to be master, especially for a beginner, but not impossible

If you want to see the above pictures in your welding machine, then you can choose AHP AlphaTIG 200x TIG welder machine for your workshop.

2018 AHP AlphaTIG 200 X 200 Amp IGBT AC DC Tig-Stick Welder with PULSE 110v 220v 3 YEARS WARRANTY

The reason behind recommendation about the AHP brand welding system is as it has a long history to take the welding science into a new era. AHP has a significant contribution to introducing welding techniques from its primary stage to a high-end scene. It has involved in manufacturing different welding device on TIG, Stick and Arc, MIG, Plasma Cutter and various accessories that are necessary or of interest of welder from a minor to industrial ones. AlphaTIG 200x TIG/Stick welder is one of the vital product of AHP welder company backup by three years extended warranty.

AHP Welding System first introduced AlphaTIG 200x on 2014 (as per copyright information), then they modified and upgraded it in 2016, 2017 & last 2018. The major upgrade in pulse frequency from ±5 Hz to 200 Hz, improved quality torch and pedal used in the 2018 model. However, we try to discuss more details in our ahp alphatig 200x review, and 2018 alphatig 200x review helps to compare the best options among the two models.


Diversified Uses:

The best part of a welding machine is its quality of the weld. Alphatig 200x is constructed in such a way that it can weld any metal from stainless steel to aluminum very well. The most remarkable side of this machine is, it can weld thin metal smartly and efficiently. Whereas, most of the welding machine available on the market can do weld of thick materials, but they cannot work well on thinner elements. Alphatig 200x can weld thinner gauge metals like ¼ inch aluminum or ¾ inch steel as like an expert. It can also weld 6013 and 7018 powerfully.

It will also support you to do any job like little welding at home repair, hobby welding, artistic or any industrial welding. Whether you are a greenhorn or an experienced welder, it will work like surprising.

Proper Control:

Control over a device is an essential aspect of getting a better result as well as safety reasons. Luckily, Alphatig 200x comes with a comfortable foot pedal control which allows you to weld with both hands. Thus it helps you to get precise welding as you no need to worry about operate the device with one hand.

HF start TIG along with foot pedal makes the alphatig 200x more convenient to operate and control. It also has anti stick control and 2T/4T torch trigger control panel along with others controller.

Advanced Inverter Technology:

The welder adopts a rectifier which designed with advanced inverter technology. The Alphatig welder derives the inverter technology from the inverter power theory and devices. The inverter is an electronic circuit which transforms DC power to AC and controls input voltage, output voltage, and frequency. The IGBT inverter technology uses high power to turn the working frequency of 50/60Hz to high frequency like 20KHz or higher. As of this technology Alphatig 200x can weld a wide range of materials with accuracy and cleanly.

Stick Welding:

Powerful 200Amp AC/DC alphatig welder has an option for stick welding too, which allows the beginners or professional to gather a wide range of welding experience. Stick welding system also facilitate you to do welding work in an adverse situation like in windy condition, welding pipes at outdoors, and where need speedy welding.

Full Range of Starting Amperage:

You will get a wide range of ampere control in AHP Alphatig. In case of TIG welding the amperage range is 10-150A in 110v and 10-200A in 220v single phase power source. In case of Stick or MMA welding, the amperage range is 30-145A in 110v and 30-195 in 220v current. It will allow you to get the perfect result of welding in a wide range of sticky and non-sticky materials.

Flexible and Portable:

If you look at it, you may think why I discuss this particular point about Alphatig, as it seems too bulky. However, it is not too hard to move around as it is about 38 pounds. If you use it at your workshop or small repair maintenance of household appliances, you may not need to travel it extensively. If you use it for any welding project which requires frequent movement from site to site, hope it will not be so severe to drive it with your single effort.


Alphatig can perform its work in 1/8″ (3 mm) thickness metal at 40-80 amp power supply up to 3/8″ (10 mm) thick metal with 200 amp which is an excellent performance for any welding machine. It has the flexibility to use different electrodes, diameter from 1/16″ to 5/32″ based on metal thickness. Superior performance is guaranteed by this Alphatig 200x as it can work on both 110v and 220v, all fantastic features, versatility, and improvisation of advanced technologies allow you to do lots of welding job. If you are looking for a robust, resilient and comfortable product, this is the best choice for you.

2018 AHP AlphaTIG

What we like

  • It has a smooth arc, and the controls are well placed out easy for a beginner or a veteran welder
  • Excellent in TIG welding on aluminum, stainless steel and accurate welding of thinner-gauge materials
  • It can weld 1/4" aluminum and 3/8" mild steel and is capable of welding 7018, 6013
  • It can be operable in 110/220 volts
  • Pulse Frequency Range - 5 to 5 Hz; Pulse Ampere Control 10 - 200 Amps; Pulse Time On (Width) 10-90% of Pulse Cycle
  • High-frequency TIG Start
  • Square-wave inverter with pulse frequency allowing for simple set up and operation
  • Power Factor - 0.73
  • Full 200A output at 240V
  • Ready to use after unboxing
  • Minimum Starting ampere is 10A in DC and 20A in AC
  • Almost any kind of electrode perform flawlessly in stick welding

What we don’t like

  • Limited frequency ±5 Hz, which upgraded in a higher version like the 2018 model
  • The instruction manual does not give details information for a beginner, how to set and start

Customer feedback

As per Amazon, we have found more than 1400 customer feedback which is massive for a single product. Among this only 6% marks below 2 Start which is a positive sign too.

A customer comments that earlier he used almost every domestic welding machines including Miller and Lincoln. Recently he purchased Alphatig 200x and it worth his investment anything like else. He likes the duty cycle which is 100% for stick welding and found the arc stable at ten amps. He put 10 out of 10 marks for it and highly recommended to buy it.   

Another customer said that he also try some other brand and did not get any success. After that, he heard about this and found substantial positive feedback on Amazon. It will impress him to buy this product. After using it, he surprised with its fantastic features. He researches out the cons of this product, and that is why he is not buying this product earlier. It is soo good to weld on aluminum which surprised him much. He is confident that you will never go wrong to buy this product.

Though there is some negative feedback on this product, those are on the minimal amount and not for any significant faults. Like someone is complaining that the HF start is not working correctly or pedal is not up to the mark, etcetera. However, if you use this machine we follow the instruction carefully, I believe that you will not face those problems in your case.

We we think about this TIG Welder

Finally, I can say that this is undoubtedly the best TIG welding machine ever reviewed. The cost of the AHP AlphaTIG 200x is not high enough to retard you from buying this fantastic product. It is a mid-range priced product which is affordable for you, and it will value your money. AHP has financing scheme too. The versatility of the AC/DC power option, efficient welding on thin metals, good result on aluminum and other materials makes this welder is different from others welder in the market. If you see this, others welder will seem to be non-professional compare to AHP welding machine. A high number of positive customer’s feedback is the strength of this product which enhances with its three years of warranty coverage. So, why waiting for, to experience a whole new world of welding grab one by today for your home or workstations.

2018 AHP AlphaTIG 200x Tig Welder Review

Are you new in TIG welding? TIG welding is a bit complicated compared to MIG welding to any beginner or non-professional person. Don’t worry, AHP brings an updated version of Tig/Stick welder named “2018 AHP AlphaTIG 200x Tig Welder” equipped with Pulse width regulator and AC frequency controller which gives an excellent service for whom those want to use it at home or as an apprenticeship. However, it is equally suitable for professionals for heavy duty works in any motor garage or small workshops.

The smooth operational performance and reliability as like many priced industrial welding machines make the AHP 200x one of the best welding machine in its class. The AHP AlphaTIG welder designed in such a way that it can handle different kinds of jobs smoothly. Like you can weld ¼ inch aluminum sheet to ¾ inch mild steel as well as stainless steel and other thinner gauge materials with precision.

AHP guaranteed you to deliver beautiful, clean, and reliable welds time after time without any hassle; you can choose it for buy on Amazon, or more details visit the below features.

Features & Benefits

Advanced Inverter Technology:

The AlphaTIG using the most advanced inverter technology brings the flexibility in welding, means whether you are a professional or novice welder you will get everything in it. Notably, the pulse width modulation technology can automatically regulate the system uptime, due to which it can prevent power loss thus providing a long-lasting and reliable power source. So, you will get smoother power delivery which leads to consistent arc as well as consistent welding.

Exceptional Performance in All Range of Power Supply:

AlphaTIG shows superior performance in all range of power supply either 110V (150 Amp output) or 220V with full pulse features and cleaning control for AC. This option makes it is the best versatile welder in this price range available in the market in recent days. The device also performs very steadily across all the settings with a clean and reliable arc even in the lowest amperage 10A for DC and 20A for AC.

With this fantastic welding machine, you can do many works with comfort and flexibility either you are an expert or beginner in welding job.

Adjustable Output Frequency:

Based on your job requires you can adjust the output pulse frequency in the range of 0.5 to 200 Hz in this device. Moreover, TIG 200x has the facilities to control A/C frequency which automatically adjust the output frequency to narrow down the focus of arc, means cleaner and thinner bead.

MMA/Stick Welding:

Getting some extra features without spending any extra is always enjoyable. Beside TIG welding AHP include the facilities of Stick or MMA welding too in this fantastic device. So the novice welder can experience both the welding techniques in a single machine. As well as, an expert user can use it also for multipurpose jobs like in windy condition or where required the combination of TIG & Stick like pipe welding.

Flexible to Wide Range of Materials

AlphaTIG is a multipurpose welder as you can weld a wide range of materials with this single device. With this welder, you will get quality welding on Aluminum, mild steel and stainless steels. You can do welding precisely of thinner gauge materials as like ¼’’ aluminum, ¾’’ mild steel and even weld 7018 or 6013 materials too.


TIG 200x comes with all pro-level features which make it the most user-friendly in its range. As an example, the machine is not difficult to set and control as it includes fully adjustable AC frequency and AC balance settings which improve penetration, tungsten life, arc cone properties and engraving width. Moreover, the lightweight (40 lbs.) and the sturdy handle make it easy movable as demand by your job nature.

2T/4T Compatibility

TIG 200x is compatible with most advance 2T & 4T function which allows the unit to operate by a remote switch. It also enables the programmable cycling features such as pre and post flow control, start and end cycle amperes, and up down amperes slope without using the foot pedal. Mainly, this features helps you in weld from the odd position, where a conventional foot pedal may not reach.


The AlphaTIG comes with a complete package whatever required for smooth quality welding. It has High Frequency (HF) start TIG and a foot pedal for easy control and better output. This welding machine equipped with a flexible head torch with a finger switch option. Also, it has included an upgraded flow meter regulator. 

What included in the box?

  1. 1x Alpha TIG 200x
  2. 1x WP17 TIG Torch (14-ft)
  3. 1x Stick Holder (9-ft)
  4. 1x Ground Clamp (9-ft)
  5. 1x Foot Pedal
  6. 1x Argon Regulator
  7. 1x 110v Plug Adapter
  8. Basic Consumable Kits (without tungsten)
Stick Welder with PULSE 110v 220v

The Good

  • Updated 2018 model
  • Powerful 200 Amp with AC/DC TIG welder allows stick for multipurpose uses
  • PWM along with IGBT provides a long-lasting and reliable power source in its class
  • Perform flawlessly with any kinds of stick welding rod in experienced hands
  • Capable of handling most welding applications
  • The powerful 140amp output on 120v and full 200 amp output on 240v
  • 60% duty cycle at 200 amps
  • Minimum start amps DC 10amps and AC 20amps
  • 3-years warranty

The Wicked

  • The flow meter is not showing an exact reading of the output of argon flow.
  • The knobs are not correctly line up with the background markers. Means if you set 200amp in knob, in display it shows 180 or different reading.
  • The foot pedal is a little wobbly as compare to other brands
  • The rubber on its torch is prone to burn

Final Thoughts

The 2018 AHP AlphaTIG 200 X 200 Amp IGBT AC DC Tig/Stick Welder with PULSE 110v 220v is a high-end product with affordable budget range. It is such a useful device which can perform well for different purposes and conditions. AHP manufactured it with the best raw materials which makes it sturdy in design. So, it will serve you for time after time. Moreover, it is a user-friendly and reliable welding machine, perfect for learners as well as professional fabricators. Your investment will not go to a vein if you buy this fantastic TIG welder. As per customer reviews, it is the best TIG welder in the market.

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