Amico Power Welder Reviews – 160 Amp Dual Voltage Stick Welder

A relatively new model made in 2016, Amico Power Welder 160 Amp Dual Voltage Input DC Welder IGBT Inverter Welding Soldering Machine is usable in AC 115V & 230V without any other tool. This is a powerful welder professional can use it as well as the hobbyists. With 160 amp and DC input, it works on steel and capable of working on a hard and dense surface like a trailer. This stick welder takes 1/8 rod. As a stick welder, it reduces the nuisance of using gas from another source.

Features of Amico Power Welder - DC-160A 160 Amp Dual Voltage IGBT Inverter DC

LED display :
This inverter welder has a digital amp control and a LED display. The display works for the easy understanding of the power being used and the power needed.

Better control:
Like other inverter welders, it converts utility power to high voltage and then stores it for a long time in the capacitor bank. Later it switches to a second transformer by a microprocessor control, if it needs to make more current.

The range of Applications:
Due to high power and characterized as stick welder it let you work on both thin and thick surface. So application ranges from-home projects, car repair, moderate metal fabrication jobs.

More adjustability:
160 Amp Dual Voltage Input DC Welder IGBT Inverter Welding Soldering Machine is known for giving the advantage to control the hot striking arc current. This feature improves the arc starting function to large extent.

Amico Power Welder Reviews

More option on electrodes:
This best stick welder works with all kind of electrodes ranging from basic to acid electrodes.

Voltage protection:
The Amico Power Welder has voltage protection from both Over-voltage and under voltage protection. Also, this stick welder guarantees against over-current and overloads. With a 60% duty cycle, it can take many wrangles upon it


  • With the dimension of 16.6 x 11.8 x 7.5 inch and 15.4 lbs weight, it is highly Portable.
  • Comes with all required accessories -10 feet electrode holder cable, 10 feet work clamp cable, 115V & 230V power adapter, a 5. 2 x 2.5mm welding electrode and a 6. 2 x 3.2mm welding electrode.
  • With ETL listing it is proved to be highly acceptable in all safety grounds of North America.


More weight is put on back if you find it as unbalancing you can but a rack or stands which are frequently bought with such welders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- I wanted to be sure it goes with my electrical panel, what are the power input and output specification?
Ans- It takes relatively less input than the power it produces. 115V/230V/60Hz, Input current is taken when produces output 20Amp

Q- At what duty cycle it may stop.
Ans- It has 60% duty cycle.

Q- What type of works I can fearlessly do with it?
Ans- It is a mild industrial welder; with 160 HW you can have a good penetration of light metal welding jobs.

Stick Welding Tips

Stick Welding Basics - Teach Yourself about Stick Welding


Amico is not the leading brand in the market but they are well known for their mark in home appliances like –freeze, lawn mower. The advantage of buying a welder from such underestimated brand is it gives you good value for money. The inverter system IGBT technology, voltage protection despite all the features this is still a very affordable stick welder.

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