ARKSEN MIG-130 Gas-Less Flux Core Wire Welder Welding Machine review

The small and inexpensive MIG welder that can help you most in garage works is ARKSEN MIG-130 Welder. It runs on 115 volt which is standard domestic power supplying state for most households. So it goes with most of the average home settings, without any rework. It takes no gas, so those who are afraid of hazards from the uncontrolled gas movement are strongly recommended to go for it. It runs solely on current and takes from 50 to 120 amp. It has a moderate duty cycle of 10% at 105 amp and an excellent duty cycle of 35% at 60 Amp.

ARKSEN MIG-130 Gas-Less Flux Core Wire Welder Welding Machine Automatic Feed
ARKSEN MIG-130 Welder

Firstly by eliminating the option of gas, it becomes very reliable, though not very capable for high penetration as this is a relatively low capacity welding machine but for home users, it is a very safe choice. It has Thermal overload protection. So in case you have managed to weld for a pretty long time and forgot about the power over running issue you can do that, yes you can relax and overrun it. The protection system’s job is to warn you and shut down the unit in case it is too hot. Also if duty cycle capacity is breached or somehow the machine becomes hot due to some air blockage than the Thermal Overload Protection will shut down the system and let it cool down, as well as buy you some time to relax.

60% Duty cycle
Some experts say this is the industry’s best number as per duty cycle is concerned. The machine has 60% duty cycle at a low power intake of 60 amp. You are allowed to run it for 6 minutes at a stretch on this power setting. At 120 amp, however, you can run it for one minute max without stopping.

Welds sleet to aluminum-
In writing the ARKSEN MIG-130 Gas-Less Flux Core Wire Welder Welding Machine review, one thing gave me immense satisfaction is that I do not have to warn buyers against using any metal. This Flux Core Wire Welder will give you the edge by allowing you to weld any metal, including aluminum. Use Wires: 0.023" To 0.035” for Steel & Stainless Steel and 0.030" - 0.035" size for Aluminum.

The accessories
Every welding machine comes with a lot of accessories, but still, some need an additional visit to the hardware store before the owner can use it fully. This one is not one of those because the toolkit includes- welding wires so that you need not spend time on speculation and additional money to buy it. A chipping hammer, wire brush, torch, a tip proper welding masks


  • Four adjustable heating settings allow for range and ease of use.
  • Small and ready to be on the ride with 19x11x17 inches
  • Weighs 38 pounds
  • A mask with large viewing area
  • Excellent customer service you can ask for refund or replacement over email and video explanation of the scenario


Sloppy instruction manual-

The manual gives you little to no instruction on wire feed and other aspects

Solution- Users has predominated the manufacturers in this respect; YouTube will help you with the video tutorial. Also, the wire feed mechanism makes it easier to understand even to first time users.

Low penetration

If you need to penetrate more than 1/4" steel than you better do not try that.

Solution-It is a capacity issue, rather than a con .Nor does the manufacturer claims penetration beyond 1/4" steel. This much capacity is good enough for the household wreck, motor fixes, and a little harder job too.


Ques-Does it has a spool gun
Ans-No it does not, at this price spool gun cannot be an accessory but this is spool gun ready.

Ques-Can it be used against mower deck repairers.
Ans-Yes it is perfect for such home-based performance.


ARKSEN MIG-130 Welder is an excellent choice for the home welders and beginners. Because of the size and weight issue, a professional can also carry it and around and perform some small jobs. Price and feature package is a right combination, and it provides an excellent customer care support too.

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