F2C Mig 130 Gas-less flux core welding Machine

Are you looking for Cheap MIG Welder that saves your money? Are you looking for the welder that works excellent on Body and Fender jobs and sheet metals, try F2C Mig 130 Gas-less flux core welding Machine. With different size wire, it becomes easy on welding Stainless Steel. With welding Current of 50-120 AMP, it is compatible with a voltage of 110 V / 60 Hz in a Single Phase. It has the On/Off safety and advanced thermal safety protection to save you from untoward accidents.

4 adjustable heating

F2C AC Power Auto Feeder Mig Welding Machine has an option for operating on differently dense metal products. F2C AC Power Auto Feeder Mig Welding Machine works great on 1/8 inch thick metal to ¼ inch thick steels sheet. High power for dense product and low power with low speed for thin metal is easy to choose from the clock dial system and takes no time to implement right after choosing.

F2C Mig 130 Gas-less flux core welding Machine

Multi-stage feed speed control

The wire feed speed control which accounts for how fast the wire will be burnt while being weld is also associated with the combination of amperage usage. One can change the feed speed, depending on the wire feed and electrode stick out the amperage keeps changing. Rule of thumb in operating and choosing the feed speed is Fasters wire feed equals to contact quality improves equals to more amperage through the wire and higher heat channels.

Duty cycle-10% at 105AMP 35% at 60 AMP

A 10% duty cycle at 105 amp is the highest stage it means when using the full power you need to take break repeatedly only after a short while, wait for a few moments to start again. However, none operate such welders cannot use them for long at a stretch. 35% duty cycle at 60 AMP is like the highest standard of the industry, no quick break continued operation.


  • The torch is with Torch With Full On / Off Safety Control
  • Advanced thermal safety protection
  • Allows for gas less welding
  • Very much portable with 33.1 pounds and 19.1 x 16.3 x 9.2 inches dimension
  • Has 4.3 out of 5 star in Amazon reviews,70% people with 5 stars


  • It cannot weld aluminum, though claims in Amazon product page.

Solution- It is a mild welder for thin to moderately dense metals, for Welding aluminum you need to do some altercation however I recommend buy a style that has aluminum welding feature and let me assure you that will cost more than this one.

  • The wire is super hot as soon as the power is on.

Solution -The wire gets hot on electric consumption, for safety you can shop for non consumable and heat resistant wire covers from hardware stores.


Q- What metals can it weld

Ans- It welds-mild steel and stainless steel

Q- What size of wire is required?

Ans- wire of 0.023'' to 0.035’’for mild steel, 0.030'' to 0.035’’ for aluminum and 0.030'' for flux-cored is required.

Q- What does the package contain

Ans- It has MIG-130 Main Unit, Welding Wire, Welding Mask, Chipping Hammer/ Wire Brush, Torch, Tip, Ground Cord

Q- Is it an AC type of DC type?

Ans- Mig 130 Gas-less flux core welding Machine has AC type power source.


With all the accessories and the standard 110 electricity adaptive feature this flux core welding Machine is a gem for those who need to weld car parts in the home. DYI lovers also opt for this one as it is one of the Best Cheap MIG Welder of the market. However, the brand is still emerging and before buying look into the strength of customer care support. Otherwise what a new welder need-like no gas welding, easy setup, adjustable wire feed, multiple heat control options all are enamored into the system. MIG Welder Guide will help you a long way to set up till first weld guidance.

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