Hobart 140 MIG Welder Review

The MIG/Flux-cored welder of Hobart that has power requirement as low as 140 amps are named as- Hobart 140 MIG Welder. One reason why you can choose it is that of its adaptability to standard 115V household current. It is great on the auto body, repairment of household good or for farm projects with some extra welding power.

Hobart 140 MIG Welder

Features of Hobart Handler 140

5-position voltage control selector

Hobart 500559 Handler 140 Wire Welder has five options for choosing different voltage control. Based on required depth penetration one can choose among these five voltages, a good fit adds a smooth and stable arc at various welding thicknesses.

Strong and sturdy

This model is made of heavy outside shell, the plus of heavy shell is it does not break or get damaged easily. The wire feed is also made of all metal while other companies have plastic made internal parts. Especially when you need the machine to be carried from places chances of falls are high. This feature is absent in much other renown company’s welders. The rugged feature accounts for longer life.

​​​​A well-equipped manual and well-made internally

The manual has an in-depth guide on how to assemble the unit. Every part from clamp, gas regulator everything is made with delicacy and in detail.

Perfect for beginners

The manual and easy operating system let you use it with very nominal experience or no experience at all. It has a dual-groove quick-change drive roll this accounts for easy setup and quick spool gun change, every time required. This feature makes the usage very easy for nonprofessional and definitely for professionals.

Protection against scalding

In between operation accidents can occur from the hot wire from recent electricity movement. Many welders are not thoughtfully made to guard against it; however, Hobart provides Built-in contactor that keeps the wire electrically cold. Until one trig the spool gun again no chance of scalding from hot wire exists.

Hobart Handler 140 MIG Wire Welder
Hobart Handler 140


  • Fewer spatters
  • 20% Duty Cycle at 90 amperages and 18.5 VDC
  • Equipped with built-in self-resetting thermal overload system,
  • Short circuit protection against power overload


It is too heavy- With 65 pounds Hobart Handler 140 MIG Welder may be a strong unit but very hard to be carried.

Solution- Because of the thick metal-made body and inner parts; the weight is more than many thin metal made welders with plastic parts. A cart can help you in reducing the burden of carrying it manually.

Not for off- grid area-It is not compatible with the generator.

Solution-Truth is no generator is good for off-grid areas, as welders need a lot of power, still some low powered welders may be compatible to generators, however, this one is not generator friendly, so only solution is to not use it in such places and opt for a low power welder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How long can I run it at a stretch?

Ans- it has 20% duty cycle which means in every 10 minutes you can run it for 8 minutes and let it rest for 2 minutes.

Q- What comes with the box are those good enough?

Ans- The box has Hobart Handler 140, a built-in gas valve,a 10 feet MIG gun along with liner,gauge regulator, gas hose, 10-feet work cable and clamp-this one is of supreme quality and long enough for home projects, 10-ft power cord for easy use, .030 contact tips,030 flux-cored sample wire, spool adapter of 8 “.Most of the items are good quality.

Q- Is it user-friendly when doing MIG welding with gas?

Ans-Using gas tank is not easy but that is true for any welders. To make it smooth switching the polarity while using gas will help big time.


Hobart Handler 140 is an excellent catch if you are a new welder or beginner. It has all safety protections and can be used on steel, stainless steel. With 24 gauge in 140 Hobart, you can penetrate 1/4" steel. This one is capable to weld 3/16” thick sheets of steel which are OK for motor works and home improvement works. So if you want an 115amp welder which is easy to use and have a long life warranty you are welcome to trust this renowned Best Value MIG Welder.

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