Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG 200 TIG Welder – K5126-1

Why will you choose Lincoln Electric to buy square wave TIG 200?

Lincoln Electric’s has a legacy of 120 years in the design, development, and manufacturing of TIG/Arc welding devices, Robotic Arc Welding System, Plasma and Oxyfuel Cutting equipment and so on. Under the heritage of Lincoln, the square wave TIG 200 achieved a Global Media Award at the 2015 Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) trade show in Las Vegas. They are customer oriented company and always try to provide market-leading solutions and superior technical application expertise to its customer. So, it will be your best decision to choose Lincoln welding machine square wave TIG 200 as your fabricating companion.

Features and benefits

Advanced Square Wave

The product name square wave comes from its working principle. Lincoln TIG 200 welder adapt most advance square wave technology instead of sing wave. As like me, you might think that what is the advantages of the square wave? Due to a square wave, you will get a drumbeat rhythm for filler metal deposition; it will give you better welding in a faster speed. It will perform well in case of welding aluminum as you can control AC frequency which allows you broader or narrower arc welding.

Easy to use

The simple interface makes it easy to set up. ‘Set it and forgot it’ perfectly matches for this device. The advanced features like pulse, AC balance, and AC frequency provide smooth welding experience which helps you to become a professional welder – faster.

A great machine for Aluminum

There are lots of devices on the market which can weld an array of materials from steel to chrome alloy. However, finding a perfect tool for welding aluminum is not an easy task. Lincoln TIG 200 is such an excellent welder which helps you to weld aluminum cleanly as well as weld other metals like stainless steel, steel alloy, and a chrome alloy.

By adjusting AC frequency, you can achieve broader and or narrow bead during welding aluminum. It will also help to get clean welding on old or dirty aluminum as well as maximum penetration on thick plates.    


2-in-1 TIG and Stick in one power source

Based on the situation you may need TIG and Stick both welding. However, it will not wise to purchase two separate devices for it as there are available multifunction welding machines in the market. Keep this in mind Lincoln TIG 200 designed square wave welder compatible 2-in-1 function.

Now you can weld stainless steel made valuable equipment or art pieces or decorative furniture with TIG Welding as well as use Stick weld for outdoor purposes like pipe welding or M/S column welding.

Wide Amperage Range

Square wave TIG 200 supports a wide range of amperage. In case of TIG welding you can set 10 – 125 A at 120v and 10 – 200 A at the 230v output. In case of Stick welding you can set 10 – 90 A at 120v and 10 – 170 A at the 230v output voltage. The wide range of amperage will assist you to get perfect welding in different thickness of metal.

Move it everywhere, power it anywhere

46.5 lbs (21 kg) weight, make it convenient to transport wherever you required. Compact in size – dimension: 14 in x 10.75 in x 19.25 in (H X W X D).

Square wave TIG 200 is operable both in 120v and 230v circuit so that you can set it anywhere based on your requirement.

What’s Includes?

  1. PTA-17 Series 150 Amp Air-cooled TIG Torch with Flexible Head and Ultra-Flex Cable Assembly with TIG Torch Parts
  2. Foot Amptrol
  3. Regulator/Flowmeter with Gas Hose
  4. Stick Electrode Holder
  5. Ground Clamp
  6. 120/230V Input Cords

What do we like about this Square Wave TIG 200?

  • Simple interface, LCD
  • It is a multi-process device suitable for AC/DC, TIG, Stick
  • Full Pulse Function, 0.1 – 20 pulse per second, lower pulse frequency means moderate filler metal distortion, and higher pulse frequency leads to manage heat and minimize distortion
  • AC Balance Function, Electrode Negative (EN) Range: 60 – 90%, lower percentage of EN will provide cleaner beads, and higher electrode negative percent will ensure maximum penetration in an arc
  • AC Frequency, range 60 – 150 Hz, lower frequency offers more spread out beads and oppositely higher AC Frequency resulting in more focused droplets during welding
  • 125A duty cycle 25% and 85A duty cycle 60% on 120v
  • 200A duty cycle 25% and 130A duty cycle 60% on 230v
  • It can weld up to 3/16’’ M/S or Aluminum

What would we not like about this Square Wave TIG 200?

25% duty cycle in 200A on 230v or 125A on 120v means in every 10 minutes you can weld only 2.5 minutes and rest 7.5 minutes machine will go for cooling. It is not adequate for such a high-value welding machine.

In pulse setting on the Square Wave Welder, it is not possible to adjust the pulse time and background amperage as it fixed 50% on the pulse and 50% background amps. The device allows you to set max. 20 pulse per second, which is better, but bit extra adjust-ability will provide you more control on heat during welding thin metal.

It also offers 150 Hz AC frequency, which is much higher but not as high as other’s high budget welder.  

However, these are not significant drawbacks for a welding machine, so you do not need to worry much about it.

Final Thoughts

Square Wave TIG 200 TIG Welder K5126-1 offers you durability and portability to use in several projects for the long run. The versatility and easy to use interface makes it is the best TIG welder in the market and hard to find a better option than it is. Whether you are a hobbyist or beginner or master in welding, the award-winning Square Wave TIG 200 will create a harmonious and robust feeling during welding.

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