Hobart 770074 Welding MIG Accessory Nozzle Gel Review

Before reviewing Hobart 770074 Welding MIG Nozzle Gel, it only fares enough to clarify why one should spend their money on Welding MIG Accessory Nozzle Gel when he/she can easily weld without it. Those who are not familiar with the use of nozzle gel often underestimate the importance of it. However, it is the essence of long-term welding without occurring much of maintenance cost. It effectively creates an anti-spatter film; this film protects clogging. It gives longevity to the MIG welding torch.

Works on all kind of wire

While welding different type of metal one may need different types of wire to feed. No matter how many different types of wire or flux core one uses it works efficiently in all kind.

Must need a plasma cutter

Through Plasma cutting one can cut through electrically conductive materials like steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and brass. This requires accelerated jet of hot plasma when using such plasma cutter for welding purpose use of nozzle dip can help for protection, and less spatter.


  • No building up of flux core on a flux core nozzle
  • No spatter on any wire
  • Prolonged life
  • No silicon
  • Better protection than spray


  • It burns, and the smell is stinky-

Solution – Nothing can be done about the burning smell however if one dip the nozzle into the dip and let the excess go away it will make the burning less.

  • It is excellent for a worn out nozzle but messy for the regular nozzle

Solution - Another option to nozzle dip is nozzle spray and some uses battery brush top for cleaning the nozzle tip. However, the protection a nozzle dip offers is more layered and has a longer impact.


Q- How long a jar can be used?

Ans- It is suitable for five years from manufacturing date.

Q- I do not weld quite often do I still need to use it?

Ans- It depends on you. You can easily weld without it, but it is guaranteed to give longevity no matter how often you weld.

Q- I heard it is more useful for flux core?

Ans- You heard it right, however, use of Hobart Welding MIG Nozzle Gel in plasma cutter and MIG welding will also be efficient.


For an extended nozzle life Hobart 770074 Welding MIG Nozzle Gel is a must-have. Professionals use it more, but hobbyist has also expressed great gratitude for it let you have a clean tip. It is not a mandatory thing but if you are annoyed with the messy nature of the welding than this is your catch.

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