TIG 160 Amp Torch ARC Stick DC Welder Review

Welding always gives me a great thrill, when it attached two pieces of metal and make a beautiful creation. I’m a professional fabricator, and I love to weld anything I can think. In my small workshop, during the restoration of any old machine, if I found any parts missing, a welder machine come to me with a solution. However, I like to notify you that I have a TIG 160 Amp Torch Arc Stick DC welder in my workshop. AMICO POWER manufactures it.

Why will you buy TIG welder from AMICO POWER?

AMICO POWER CORP. dominating the welding market for more than 20 years with integrity, quality service and continuous improvement. They are focused on providing the best product and services to its customer. AMICO POWER always stand behind what they sell; even they provide services to decade-old products too. So, their commitment towards the quality and customer service, you can trust them.

Why you buy TIG 160 DC from AMICO power?

TIG 160 DC gives you the opportunity to weld a wide range of metals with cleaner bead. No matter you are beginner or professional in welding, you want to use it in home use or fabrication house, you can choose TIG 160 DC as your ultimate welding solutions. In TIG 160 DC you will find all modern technological innovation like the advanced inverter technology. Also, it will allow you to experience in Stick, Arc and MMA welding. To buy this fantastic product click here 

TIG 160 Amp Torch ARC

Here we discussed more on this fantastic product below -

Features & Benefits

Can Handle Multiple Options of Welding

TIG 160 DC give you the opportunity to use Stick, Arc and MMA welding. As because of stick welding you can use this welding process in windy or rainy condition as it’s not required any external shielding gas. If you habituated in arc welding, then you can use this machine too. Arc welding gives you facilities to weld heavy metal where need excessive heat to melt down. If you need powerful welding in the adverse situation, then you can rely on TIG 160 DC arc and stick welding.

Types and Thickness of Metals which are Suitable to Weld

As a powerful welder, you can weld ¾ inch stainless steel with this TIG 160 DC. Beside this, you can also weld Alloy steel, Mild steel, Copper, Cast Iron, Chrome and other color metals. You can also use it for traditional electric welding.

Wide Amperage Range 

TIG 160 DC allows you to work in a wide range of amperage from 20 to 160 Amps. We know that for arc welding the ideal amperage is 20 to 100 Amps which you can get in TIG 160 DC, as well as you can adjust the voltage based on the depth of welding. If you required more penetration in welding, you could set a higher amp in reverse if you need low penetration you can set lower amp range. So, TIG 160 gives you complete flexibility of work.

Average Range of Duty Cycle

Why is duty cycle so important in case of welding? The device with a higher duty cycle allows you for welding a long time with a given power source without overheating or burning. As per US standard having 40-60% Duty Cycle is suitable for any welding machine. Keep this in mind, AMICO manufactured its TIG 160 DC with compatible for 60% duty cycle. However, the rated duty cycle is 100%.

Portability Demanded Transferable Jobs

The dimension and weight of TIG 160 DC are respectively 16.6´´ long, 7.5´´ width, and 11.8´´ height and 14.5 pounds. You can easily imagine that the machine is easy to transport from one place to other. Suppose you need to weld a truck body beside the road, so in such case, you can carry your welder easily.

Comparison of TIG 160 Amp with other AMICO models welder:

TIG 160 Amp

200 Amp TIG

TIG-225 / 220 Amp HF TIG

TIG-205 / 200 Amp HF TIG




TIG (GTAW), Stick, Arc

TIG (GTAW), Stick, Arc

Inverter Technology





Input Power





Output Range

DC 20-160 Amps

DC 20-200 Amps



Duty Cycle

AC 230V/160A@60% & AC 110V/130A@60%

AC 230V/200A at 60% & AC 110V/150A at 60%

AC 115V/DC 16.0V/15-140A, 60%

AC 115V/DC 15.8V/15-130A, 60%

Product Weight

14.5 lbs.

25 lbs.

16 lbs.

16 lbs.


Full Size

Full Size

Full Size

Full Size


What included in the box

After bringing it home and unpack you will find that the TIG 160 comes will all necessary equipment required to start welding immediately except helmet and gloves. You can buy this safety products from the Amazon.

  1. 1x TIG-160DC Machine
  2. 1x TIG Torch Gun and Assembly 13 feet
  3. 1x Electrode Holder and cable10 feet
  4. 1x Work Clamp and cable10 feet
  5. 1x 110V and 230V Transfer Plug
  6. 2x 1/8 inch Electrode
  7. 2x 3/32 inch Electrode
  8. 2x 1/16 inch Tungsten and
  9. 1-Instruction Manual

The Good

  • The full-size TIG & Stick platform, beating the competition on arc quality, voltage control, duty cycle and value
  • TIG 160 optimized to deliver a flawless, spatter-free, clean welding experience
  • Dual Voltage Input (110V/230V) means you can plug into any standard power supply either at your home or fabrication shop
  • It's response quickly, in case of shortening of welding rod in stick welding
  • It shows amperage reading in LED
  • All machines tested in the USA by compliance with electrical rules and regulations, One year warranty

The Wicked

  • It is not suitable to weld aluminum or other non-ferrous metal as it works DC only
  • There is no foot pedal included in the package, so you have to collect separate if needed

Final Thoughts

TIG 160 Amp Torch Arc Stick DC welder is a fantastic welder for the hobbyist as well as profession fabricators. Finding any wick point of this device is rear. Moreover, AMICO is very much serious about customer service. So you can trust on this welding machine and buy one today.

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